The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Does It Pose an Existential Threat to Libraries?




Does the Fourth Industrial Revolution pose an existential threat to librarianship? No, it does not. Not any more than any other technological innovation (information systems, personal computers, the Internet, e-readers, Google, Google Scholar) did. However, what is very likely is that the technologies that emerge from this era will slowly (but surely) lead to profound changes in how libraries operate. Those libraries that fail to understand or embrace these technologies may, in fact, be left behind. So, we must, as always, stay abreast of trends in emerging technologies and what the literature (i.e., articles in this journal) propose as ideas for adopting (and adapting) them to better serve our patrons. With this column, my aim is to briefly discuss what the fourth industrial revolution is and its relevance within our profession.

Author Biography

Brady Lund, Emporia State University

Brady Lund is a doctoral student at Emporia State University's School of Library and Information Management, where he studies the intersection of information technology and information science, among other topics.


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