Do Space’s Virtual Interview Lab

Using Simple Technology to Serve the Public in a Time of Crisis


  • Michael P. Sauers Do Space



As we start to pull ourselves out of the COVID-19 pandemic it’s time to start thinking about what changes we made at our libraries in response and decide which ones we should keep and which ones need to end along with the pandemic itself. In this editorial Michael P. Sauers, Technology Manager for Do Space in Omaha, NE uses their Virtual Interview Lab as a case study in pandemic flexibility and how simple solutions can have great benefits.

Author Biography

Michael P. Sauers, Do Space

Michael Sauers is currently the Director of Technology for Do Space in Omaha, NE. Michael has been training librarians in technology for the past twenty years and has also been a public library trustee, a bookstore manager for a library friends group, a reference librarian, serials cataloger, technology consultant, and bookseller since earning his MLS in 1995 from the University at Albany’s School of Information Science and Policy. Michael has also written dozens of articles for various journals and magazines and his fourteenth book, Emerging Technologies: A Primer for Librarians(w/ Jennifer Koerber) was published in May 2015 and more books are on the way. In his spare time he blogs at, runs The Collector’s Guide to Dean Koontz Web site, takes many, many photos, and typically reads more than 100 books a year.




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Sauers, M. P. (2021). Do Space’s Virtual Interview Lab: Using Simple Technology to Serve the Public in a Time of Crisis. Information Technology and Libraries, 40(2).