Services to Mobile Users

The Best Practice from the Top-Visited Public Libraries in the US




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Libraries are adapting to the changing times by providing mobile services. One hundred fifty-one libraries were chosen based on circulation, with at least one library or library system from each state, to explore the diverse services provided to mobile users across the United States. According to the data, mobile apps, mobile reference services, mobile library catalogs, and mobile printing are among public libraries’ most-frequently offered services, as determined by mobile visits, content analysis, and librarian survey responses. Every library examined had at least one mobile website, mobile catalog, mobile app, or webpage adapted for a mobile device. Following the COVID-19 outbreak, services such as mobile renewal, subscriber database access, mobile reservations, and the ability to interact with a librarian were expanded to allow better communication with customers—all from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Libraries are continually looking for innovative methods to assist their mobile customers as the world changes.

Author Biography

Yan Quan Liu, Southern Connecticut State University,Tianjin University of Technology

Yan Quan Liu, Ph.D., Professor of Information and Library Science at Southern Connecticut State University, and Special-hired Professor at Tianjin University of Technology.


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