Using Qualtrics XM to Create a Point-of-Use Survey to Assess the Usability of a Local Implementation of Primo


  • Matthew Black University of Calgary
  • Heather Ganshorn University of Calgary
  • Justine Wheeler University of Calgary



Usability, Primo, User feedback, web-scale discovery service, surveys


In 2020, Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR) at the University of Calgary used Qualtrics XM to design and pilot a point-of-use survey to collect user feedback on the usability of our implementation of Primo, Ex Libris's web-scale discovery service. Over a two-week period, users were presented with the pop-up survey while searching and asked to provide feedback. This article summarizes how we designed and implemented this point-of-use survey and the lessons learned from this project.


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Black, M., Ganshorn, H., & Wheeler, J. (2023). Using Qualtrics XM to Create a Point-of-Use Survey to Assess the Usability of a Local Implementation of Primo. Information Technology and Libraries, 42(4).