Making Magic Happen

Building and Launching a Reader’s Advisory Kiosk


  • Kara Reuter Worthington Libraries



Sierra, NoveList, Polaris, Reader's Advisory


For many patrons, libraries are synonymous with books and reading. However, people don’t always take advantage of reader’s advisory services offered by libraries. Rather than approaching librarians for suggestions of what to read, most people instead turn to their personal networks or express a preference for more passive approaches to recommendations. As a halfway point between in-person reader’s advisory interactions and algorithmic recommendations, Worthington Libraries staff leveraged the NoveList and Polaris APIs to create custom book recommendation kiosks. Recommendation Stations, as we call them, allow people to scan a book barcode, browse read-alikes, check local availability and print shelf locations, all in the guise of an interactive fortune teller.

Author Biography

Kara Reuter, Worthington Libraries

Digital Library Manager


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