Experiences of Migrating to Open Source Integrated Library Systems


  • Vandana Singh School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee




Interest in migrating to open source integrated library systems is continually growing in libraries. Along with the interest, lack of empirical research and evidence to compare the process of migration brings a lot of anxiety to the interested librarians. In this research, twenty librarians who have worked in libraries that migrated to open source ILS or are in the process of migrating were interviewed. The interviews focused on their experiences and the lessons learned in the process of migration. The results from the interviews are used to create guidelines/best practices for each stage of the adoption process of open source ILS. These guidelines will be helpful or librarians who want to research and/or adopt open source ILS.


Author Biography

Vandana Singh, School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee

Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee


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